Mind Power Diaries Announcement: You can now subscribe to this Blog 2

You will be able to subscribe via email to this “Mind Power Diaries” Blog so you don’t miss out on great tutorials and articles. Signing up is as easy as adding your email address, clicking “Sign Up” and confirming your email address via your mailbox. You can find the Subscribe Form on the […]

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Achieve your goals with these easy steps

In this article I introduce a powerful yet simple step by step guide on how to setup, execute and achieve your goals. The problem is not the “wanting” to achieve a goal, it’s the “focus” on achieving it If you’re anything like me when it comes to goal setting, you’re […]

Law of Attraction Exercise: Spotting Gratitude

This Law of Attraction exercise is designed to have you interact with the world around you. It will also help you maintain your vibration with the Universe, which is extremely vital. Practice Keeps Perfect When it comes to most arts and physical forms of fitness, the non arguable rule is […]

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